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December 2, 2021
Save a Whopping 39% Off On Razor's Crazy Cart XL Right Now!

While 2JZ, twin-turbo Coyote, and Judd V10-powered drift cars have a bazillion horsepower, can reverse entry like they were delivering tofu, and produce volcano-grade plumes of smoke, they’re extremely expensive and dangerous in the hands of regular driving enthusiasts. That’s not the case with Razor’s Crazy Cart XL, a baby drifter designed to satisfy the drift itch without breaking the bank and necessitating a Hans device. 

And right now, it’s 39 percent off on Amazon.

I’ve personally spent entirely too much time drifting these machines and can attest that these carts will plaster a smile on your face that’ll make it hurt for days. You’ve never lived until it’s 9 p.m. on the first day of an auto show, you’ve been supplied with booze since the early afternoon, and then when walking toward the next soiree, someone asks, “Hey, you want to test a Crazy Cart?!” It’s peak giggle-inducing joy. 

And better yet, if you’re rolling in some of these with your friends, you won’t lose a bumper or side skirt if you start bashing into one another, which for a normal drift car can add up to a couple thousand dollars quickly. So head on over to Amazon and get you the most drift fun you can have this side of a clapped-out E36 BMW with a big turbo kit and a hydro handbrake.