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November 22, 2021
The Best Pre-Black Friday Knife Deals on Amazon and More

A good pocket knife is essential to your everyday carry. Ask me how I know this. Ever since a knife saved my ass following a car crash, I’ve become an advocate for always carrying one with you when you get in the car. 

And luckily for you, you can now heed my good advice and save some money in the process. Just about every good-quality, non-sus knife that I quite literally trust my life to are all on sale ahead of Black Friday. So before you hop into your car for your next road trip or quick drive across town, grab yourself a blade that’ll do what mine did: be there when you need it most. 

Here are all the EDC knives currently on sale that we’d trust.

Benchmade Presidio II (20% off)

Benchmade Fixed Adamas (13% off)

CRKT M16 Serrated EDC (31% off)

CRKT M16 Non-Serrated EDC (37% off)

Buck Knives Canoe Multiblade (70% off)

Kershaw Shuffle II Olive (15% off)

Gerber Airfoil (50% off)

Gerber Edict Tanto (68% off)

Gerber Paraframe (56% off)

First Tactical Krait Spear (75% Off)

Smith & Wesson Border Guard (20% off)

SOG Aegis (60% off)

Boker Plus Strike (50% off)

Civivi Elementum (25% off)